The fresh vaginal band does not avoid intimately transmitted bacterial infections (STIs)

The fresh vaginal band does not avoid intimately transmitted bacterial infections (STIs)

In the event that utilized truthfully, brand new genital band is more than 99% energetic. This means that under step 1 woman out of each and every 100 exactly who utilize the genital band just like the birth control can be expecting within the 1 year.

The brand new band will often turn out naturally, but you can clean it inside hot-water and put it back in immediately. You might need crisis birth control, depending on how much time this has been out.

The way the ring performs

The latest band continually releases oestrogen and progestogen, that are man-made types of one’s hormonal that will be without a doubt put-out of the ovaries. This:

  • reduces ovulation
  • thickens vaginal mucus, rendering it harder to own spunk discover courtesy
  • thins the liner of your womb to ensure a keen egg is actually less inclined to enhancement truth be told there

By using the vaginal band

You can begin with the vaginal ring when during the their menstrual period. You let it rest in for 21 days, next take it off and also a great 7-big date ring-totally free split. You may be shielded from maternity during the ring-100 % free split. Then you set another ring in for the next 21 weeks.

You will end up protected from pregnancy right away for individuals who type they for the first-day of one’s several months (the initial day of your own menstrual period). You will never be shielded from pregnancy for people who start using it at any other amount of time in your menstrual cycle. You’ll want to explore a lot more contraceptive (such as for example condoms) to the first 7 days

You could potentially explore this together with your doctor otherwise nursing assistant to determine whenever may be the most readily useful for you personally to begin using the fresh new ring.

Keeping the fresh ring

  1. Save your self the foil pocket new band will come in to put the latest ring-in when you throw it out.
  2. With clean hand, fit brand new ring involving the flash and hand, and you can softly enter the end into your pussy.
  3. Lightly force this new ring up spdate Hoe account verwijderen in the vagina up until they seems comfortable.

As opposed to a good diaphragm otherwise cap, the new ring does not need to protection your own cervix (the new entry with the uterus) to focus.

Whenever you have the band and it’s awkward, force they sometime next to your vagina. I don’t have a right or completely wrong spot for that it is, provided it’s just not shameful.

Just be in a position to make sure that the band remains here with your hands. If you can’t end up being they, however, you’re sure it is truth be told there, see your doctor otherwise nursing assistant. The fresh new ring do not score ‘lost’ inside you.

Adopting the band has been in your snatch to possess 21 days (3 months), your take it off. This should be on the same day’s the fresh new day one you place they in.

Deleting the band

  1. Which have brush hand, place a hand into your genitals and you can link it within the side of new ring.
  2. Carefully eliminate the ring away.
  3. Place it from the foil wallet provided and you can put it in the this new container – do not flush it down the toilet.

Removing new band can be painless. When you have one hemorrhaging or aches, or if you can not pull it out, inform your doctor or nurse instantly.

When you have taken the latest band away, you never put a different one out of for 1 week (7 days). Here is the band-free period. You have a period of time-form of bleed during this time. It is possible to remain shielded from maternity within these one week.

Just after seven days versus a ring-in, you should type a new you to definitely. Put the the brand new ring in regardless of if you happen to be still bleeding. Log off it ring in getting 21 days, then recite the fresh new course.