This woman is in love with Bell, but he’s however to remember this lady emotions

This woman is in love with Bell, but he’s however to remember this lady emotions

Welf Crozzo [ ]

Bell turned into acquainted with Welf shortly after using their previous hardware. Later, Bell made a binding agreement with him to make a celebration. Bell viewpoints Welf since an adult brother and you will values his lingering help. He uses his suggestions even if he does not completely understand the latest factor in him or her and you may occasionally depends on his help.

Yamato Mikoto [ ]

Even after its first harsh correspondence, towards the Takemikazuchi Familia citation parading his classification, Bell never ever kept good grudge facing her. The guy valued the woman ilia as a way off support your inside the the war Games against Apollo and each other possess leftover an informal family since then.

Sanjouno Haruhime [ ]

Bell rescued Haruhime despite their believing that, once the an excellent prostitute, she really should not be protected. Whether or not she refuted their help a few times he didn’t desist and you will turned out so you can her that a champion helps you to save people, no matter what points. The two keeps an incredibly friendly relationship with Bell trying assist Haruhime and in case they can and you will Haruhime, in turn, attempts to carry out their better. One another in addition to display a fascination with fairy tales and regularly mention about them.

Ryuu Lion [ ]

Ryuu and you may Bell possess an optimistic relationship and therefore are good friends. Immediately after she anticipate him to the girl services Bell happens to be a kind of apprentice away from Ryuu, who’s managed to survive the lady classes even after her severe training regimen. Bell keeps their inside large value while the an enthusiastic adventurer and you may trusts their attacking feel.

Just after their journey through the 37th Flooring he’s deepened the thread and you will Bell stumbled on discover Ryuu top. Confused because of the this lady ongoing attempts to end him because their return, Bell later turned willing to understand she was not upset from the him, and each other returned to the common behavior. Bell yet not nonetheless hasn’t seen Ryuu’s attitude for him.

Eina Tulle [ ]

Eina could have been Bell’s dungeon adviser from the time girlsdateforfree eÅŸleÅŸme he joined so you’re able to getting an enthusiastic adventurer. He commonly would go to her to possess advice and you will information about new cell, inside some cases opting for assistance with matters not related so you’re able to the fresh new dungeon, additionally the one or two express a cousin-including matchmaking, however, he commonly ignores this lady suggestions about not taking place adventures in the dungeon. He’s got already been the only adventurer to undergo the girl harsh practise coaching, in which he loans the lady training just like the a majority off just how they have been able to survive about dungeon thus far.

Bell opinions Eina since the people most dependable and you will cares a good contract in the her, even from the some point claiming the guy loved the lady, even though the guy didn’t indicate it eg. Whenever she told him you to she e up with all cause he might contemplate to possess Eina to accept your once the the girl bodyguard. not, he would not give the woman throughout the Wiene, when he failed to want to promote the woman toward their disorder.

Following the Xenos incident, he arrived at see Eina and request instructions instead and made a lot fewer mistakes towards assessment than just he’d from the prior. But not, he has yet to notice Eina’s increasing close thinking for him.

Naaza Erisuis [ ]

Naaza assists run the potion shop one to Bell frequents, additionally the a couple of has a friendly dating. In the event she initial ripped off your toward to shop for all the way down high quality activities to have high costs, Bell sensed sympathy on her once understanding of the precarious disease this lady Familia was in and you can available to assist. Their help welcome Naaza and you can Miach to bring about an effective the brand new potion and prevent foreclosure. Ever since then, Bell retains no unwell have a tendency to up against the girl and you may goes on going to their store.